Prayer guide

Why do we ask that you join us in praying for Mission Lone Star 2016? Because Bible tells us that we should be a people who pray for God’s will to be done.

Event evangelism is an intentional, well coordinated, cooperative and strategic effort to share the gospel during a brief encounter with people who attend an event. Many of our encounters with people are brief and require different methods and approaches to evangelism. Engaging people one on one or one on many with the gospel requires intentionality, creativity, relevancy, and should cause us to think and prepare very carefully.

Therefore, the question is, “How can we have a biblical and effective evangelistic presence in a place where hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people gather?” Rediscovering the value of witnessing and evangelism starts with embracing the Great Commission as the mission and mandate for the church corporately and for each of us personally. We are called to be and live like missionaries. Our mission and mandate is to “make disciples” or to be “disciple makers”.

What is the difference between our approach to evangelism at the Lone Star Motorcycle Rally and most evangelistic thrusts at events? We have found a way to get people to come to us using a give-a-way booth where we share a 3-minute testimony with no strings attached. In addition to this model of relevant, intentional evangelism, we will also build trust care and help through relationship evangelism with vendors through chaplaincy.

In John chapter four, Jesus engages the woman at the well. This biblical account helps us understand a more effective way to be His witnesses. Jesus’ brief but intentional encounter with this woman gives us a model for evangelism that is relevant, strategic, and effective for every day encounters with people.

This model also works well for engaging people with the gospel at events. Motorcycle rallies in Sturgis, SD, Myrtle Beach, SC, and Daytona, FL have been using this evangelism model for several years with great success in reaching people with the gospel. Volunteers from these rallies who have been trained to share their three-minute testimony with a gospel invitation, in the context of a relevant and receptive environment, have gone back to their communities and churches and used this evangelistic model at church hosted events. Over the past 8 years, many stories have been collected about life-change from people who received Christ at the events and examples mentioned.

Three ways to pray

Pray for resources

Pray for financial support for Mission Lone Star 2016. Our budget includes training, booth and tent rental, housing, city fees, and more. Pray that God provides all we need to accomplish all he has for us. Click here to make a financial gift.

Pray for volunteers

Pray for volunteer teams made up of individuals from area churches and affinity groups to come and share their testimonies under the tent on the Strand. Ask God to lead people to register at this website. Click here to make a financial gift.

Pray for participants

Pray for the Spirit of God to work in the hearts of all participants at the Lone Star Rally – for police officers – for hospital workers – for emergency service personnel – for city officials – for tourists and locals. Click here to make a financial gift.


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