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The Lone Star Rally is the largest weekend rally in North America. For more than a decade, it’s drawn hundreds of thousands of motorcycle loving friends from the furthest reaches of the U.S. The annual attendance has consistently grown from 75,000 bikers, tourists, and locals in 2003 (Originally founded in 2000) to as many as 400,000 people (according to some estimates). The four-day weekend is jam packed with live music, bike shows, contests, rides, vendors, military tributes, and much more. The rally has become Galveston Island’s most popular event resulting in a tremendous economic impact on Galveston and the surrounding areas.

unique ministry opportunity

Mission Lone Star began as a cooperative and strategic effort to share the gospel with participants and vendors at the 2014 Lone Star Motorcycle Rally. There’s no shortage of people who need Jesus as Savior and Lord at a motorcycle rally. An annual event like this draws participants and vendors from all walks of life who share a common affinity and love for motorcycles. For the first time, Southern Baptists in Southeast Texas united across geopolitical boundaries to build critical mass and momentum to embark upon a kingdom venture with the expectation of sowing seeds for the future and experiencing a great harvest now.


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Galveston Island: The Strand

Galveston Island is a barrier island on the Texas Gulf Coast in the United States, about 50 miles southeast of Houston. The entire island, with the exception of Jamaica Beach, is within the city limits of the City of Galveston in Galveston County. The island is about 27 miles long and no more than 3 miles wide at its widest point.

The island is oriented generally northeast-southwest, with the Gulf of Mexico on the east and south, West Bay on the west, and Galveston Bay on the north. The island’s main access point from the mainland is the Interstate Highway 45 causeway that crosses West Bay on the northeast side of the island. The far north end of the island is separated from the Bolivar Peninsula by Galveston Harbor, the entrance to Galveston Bay and the Houston Ship Channel. Ferry service is available between Galveston Island and the Bolivar Peninsula. The southern end of the island is separated from the mainland by San Luis Pass. The San Luis Pass-Vacek Toll Bridge connects the San Luis Pass Road on Galveston Island with the Bluewater Highway that leads south into the town of Surfside Beach. Following Texas’ annexation by the United States in 1845, the Island became the state’s major population center – a title it would hold until nearly the end of the 19th century. At one time, the Island was the second-largest port for immigration in the United States. The Island has a rich history as its been a base for pirates and smugglers, armies, and a home for Indians and Europeans.

Located in the scenic Downtown Galveston area, The Strand Historic District offers a unique destination for rally participants and vendors. With a wide assortment of restaurants, shops, galleries, and museums housed in historic buildings, The Strand provides the perfect way to spend an afternoon in Galveston during the rally and the perfect context to engage people for Jesus.