Volunteer in giveaway booth

We're excited to announce we'll be giving away money (each day) at our witnessing booth on the Strand during the 2016 Lone Star Rally. Each person who registers to win must agree to give three minutes of their time. Right then and there, they’ll listen to a volunteer talk about how God has changed his or her life. There are no strings attached. The person can walk away or further engage.

Volunteers will be grouped into teams and assigned a shift. There will be two shifts per day. Each shift will last approximately 4 1/2 hours. All volunteers will be trained by the Mission Lone Star Implementation Team and / or its partners to share their testimony in 3 minutes. This training will allow each volunteer to confidently work in the evangelistic giveaway booth. Some volunteers will serve as “catchers” meaning they’ll stand outside the booth inviting passers-by to come in, speak with a volunteer, and get registered.

One out of every six people will make a profession of faith, according to research conducted at similar events. The booth will be open at least Thursday through Saturday. If you’re considering volunteering in the booth, it’s important to also consider what days you’re available to commit to being there.

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Volunteer as a Chaplain

We'll again organize a chaplaincy ministry during the Rally to the 2,000 plus vendors who will also be on the Island that week serving the crowds.

This effort will consist of male and female church members and leaders who feel called to work behind the scenes to serve and befriend vendors at the Rally. Volunteers will be expected to complete a simple training process in advance to become a volunteer chaplain to Lone Star Rally vendors. The Mission Lone Star Implementation Team and / or its partners will provide the training.

A chaplaincy coordinator will help to map out a vendor grid, prepare assignment packets, and assign volunteer chaplains in pairs to a segment of vendors. The final day volunteers will be expected to serve vendors is Saturday.

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Serve in the evangelism booth or as a chaplain to vendors